Payment Options

We offer payment options (including a no-interest monthly payment plan) designed to suit different budgets. Our new patient consultants explain and work with you on ways to afford a beautiful and healthy smile. Our fee is based on the end result as well as the quality of care received at Dr. Panucci and Dr. Jackfert's office. We will make the most of the valuable time that you have set aside from your busy schedule to meet with us!


We work hard to maximize your orthodontic benefit for you! If your insurance covers orthodontic treatment then your personal cost will be less. We will verify your benefits prior to your initial exam. This allows us to present our financial options to you with an estimate of insurance coverage.

Flexible Spending Accounts

We also work with patients who have Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA or other pre-tax dollar plans) to design creative contracts in an effort to utilize the maximum benefits from these plans. We strongly recommend you research and discuss the details with your Human Resources prior to your initial appointment.