Self-Ligating Braces

Self-ligating brackets are a revolutionary new system of braces that are not only faster for our doctors to use, it also can significantly shorten treatment time. They are smaller, more comfortable and work much better than braces twenty or thirty years ago. Micro in design they snug up to the teeth for much less discomfort. Plus, it offers better hygiene than conventional braces! Self-ligating brackets are available in metal or clear, but with more options they can provide a more aesthetic appearance, particularly for adult patients.

How do Self-Ligating Braces Work?

Self-ligating braces use a specialized clip in place of elastics to help the arch wire guide teeth into place. The clip helps reduce the amount of pressure being placed on the tooth, and decreases the number of adjustments because there are no elastics to replace.

There are two types of self-ligating brackets

  • Passive — Passive brackets use a smaller arch-wire that creates less friction and allows teeth to move more freely. Passive brackets are often used at the beginning of treatment to help the teeth start moving into position.
  • Active — Active brackets use a much thicker arch-wire to move the teeth into proper the proper position. The active brackets also offer more control for consistent and stable results.

Self-ligating braces are a great option for patients needing braces. Dr. Panucci and Dr. Jackfert can help you determine what type of braces will be most effective for your smile. Please call our office to schedule your orthodontic consultation.

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