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“My daughter Kaitlyn loves everything about Panucci & Jackfert Orthodontics. She loves the brushing station, the great staff, the prizes, and most of all she loves that they explain everything they do to her. I love it because I never have to argue with her about going to the orthodontist!!”  –EBK

“Over the years, we haven’t seen too much transition with staff; they’re kind and friendly and take an interest in your entire family! With four girls, that means a lot.” –NJL

“My children looooove Drs. Panucci and Jackfert because they treat them like little members of royalty at each and every visit. If one has an appointment, the others cry if they’re not able to go. (Seriously) That speaks volumes of the character and quality of every staff member and both doctors. Thank you more than words can say for your love, patience, wisdom, and friendship!” –HMM

“Our FAVORITE thing about the Panucci and Jackfert office is the always friendly staff! I’ve been coming to your office for about 16 years now (four kids...all ages!) and the one thing that stands out over all these years is how much everyone there seems to enjoy their jobs. We’re always greeted with smiles and happy attitudes. Plus they always ask about family members, and whatever sports or activities they know the kids are involved in, and they always offer congratulations and/or encouragement. They make going to the orthodontist’s office feel like visiting good friends.” –KTW

“I just love Dr. Panucci and Dr. Jackfert, and all the staff. They go out of their way for their patients. When Joey had a problem, it was no problem to them, I brought him and they fixed it!! The waiting time was minimal at every visit. Of course, I loved it when they sang to Joey when he got his braces off, absolutely loved it!” –DJT

“My favorite thing about going to Dr. Panucci’s is the care that the staff has for their patients. Getting braces was a very scary thought for me, but the staff makes me feel so comfortable and at home that I always almost fall asleep when they work on my braces.” –END

“Jonathan’s favorite part of going to the office is seeing Dr. Panucci and talking to her about her dogs. He loves the fact that all of the staff knows him by name and all about his activities and likes. He is one of the family. I love the fact that we are treated like family and not a nameless face at the office. Great compassionate people who care about what they do! We never have to wait very long and if there is a problem they want to see him right away! I am always telling people about the place and so is my son.” –MS

“My son is a new patient who has always been leery of dentist offices. The staff has made him relax and feel comfortable. He feels brave and responsible when given compliments. We never have to wait more than ten minutes. He also loves earning pesos. He is saving up to get something good but it is his secret what it is.” –JMH

“Two of my children have been here. My daughter has completed her phases, and thanks to Dr. Panucci they’ve corrected her jaw without surgery. Truly a wonderful practice! That’s why my son now goes here.” –GOG

“My favorite thing about coming to the office is that I don’t feel like I am coming to a doctor’s office! I feel right at home! I love the way everyone goes out of the way to make sure my son is comfortable and I am too! I love how you don’t feel like a patient but you’re going to see friends and family! Everyone speaks and they all know us! I love both Dr. Panucci and Dr. Jackfert and how they are so familiar with their patients! When you walk in it's home and peaceful! It’s a treat to come there not a hassle!” –TP